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  • 4 Ways To Get More Done in Less Time

    Having a good focus, whether in your tasks, your goals, or life in general, is one of most people’s top keys to achieving success, both in studying and building a career or simply in their daily routine. Another key to success is efficiency and the ability for doing more things quickly and correctly. Unfortunately, not […]

  • 7 Ways To Increase Self confidence

    Increase your knowledge The best method to increasing your self-confidence is to work on improving your knowledge and abilities. “Knowledge IS Power!” Read books as a means to an end. Read books to gain information about what you need to know. Read as an end in itself. Read for pleasure. As a young person I’ve […]

  • 5 Ways To Eliminate Time-Wasting Tasks

    In order to completely eliminate bad time management habits and stop wasting precious time today, consider developing a routine that will help you avoid wasting time. Things that we feel like reacting to such as: phone calls, emails, news stories, text, etc. are known as urgent tasks. According to Brett McKay, “Important tasks contribute to […]

  • 7 Good Ways To Procrastinate And When Procrastination Might Be Good

    Good ways to Procrastinate and when Procrastination might be good.I am writing this with the din of jackhammers in the background. I am working on the weekend (surprising at that might be); feeling sorry for myself that I cannot get good quiet uninterrupted time in like I had planned.I thought I would write an article […]

  • 5 Ways to Stop Procrastination

    Procrastination is among the most crippling behavioral and psychological traits there is. Are you among those people blocked, stopped, or sidelined by this? Perhaps many people are in constant battle with trying to get solutions on how to stop procrastinating so that they can change their operation modes. Procrastinating is affecting everyone ranging from people […]