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  • 3 Important Points an Entrepreneur Should Consider Before Stepping into A New Business

    Once you make up your mind you want to go into business for yourself, which leads to a number of important decisions. You know you want to be your own boss, but you’re not sure what kind of business to go into. Here are two different ways of addressing this question. The “Production Model” of […]

  • 5 Steps To Explode Your Business.

    Here’s a great strategy that can dramatically change your business. It works best for professional service providers but it can work well for others as well. If you haven’t started down this road before, it can involve a lot of work but you only have to do it once. As soon as you’ve gone through […]

  • 7 Entrepreneurial Myths That are Not True.

    If you are about to start off in business you will have no doubt heard these comments: “So many businesses fail. Why are you doing this?” “I hear that you need a large amount of money to get a business off the ground these days.” “Why are you throwing away the security of your job?” […]

  • 3 Reasons Why Your Hobby Should Not Be Your Business.

    America was built on the premise of following your dreams. Today, that maxim is applied to everyday life, especially careers. You’ve probably seen plenty of advice about turning your hobby into your job and making money doing what you love. Unfortunately, it usually doesn’t translate well into business reality. Look at it this way: the […]

  • 9 Key Business Startup Success Principles.

    If you are in the early stages of starting up a business then you may be experiencing the internal ‘fear and doubt’ dialogue that can often take place in one’s mind. The following 9 Principles will help to release some of this tension… Do What You Love Ensure that you are in a business that […]